mardi 30 juillet 2013

Busking in Liege

The next stop in Belgium on my summer busking tour was Liege.
After arriving there in the late afternoon and checking in the local HI Youth Hostel I went on to do my research for a nice busking spot on the next day. I found a couple of walking streets right in the center of town that would seem to do just fine. On the one, called rue du pont d'isle, there was an abandonned shop location wich seemed just about perfect, at the crossroads with another street. Acoustics seemed promising too. So I decided I would try this spot in priority the next day, provided that it would be in the shade in the late afternoon.

I usually busk either during launch time, say between 11h and 13h, because then people come out of their offices and into the street to grab some launch, and so they have both a bit of change on them and some time to relax and enjoy the music. This time I chose my second favourite  time of the day, somewhere between 15h and 18h, which is time of busy shopping and also snack time, so again people have a bit of change to spare maybe ;-) But there I choose it because my elected busking spot was in the shade, and that counts a lot!!!

Busking was good, a bit better than in namur, and I must have made around 35 euros for a bit less than two hours busking. I never do more than two hours per day really because of my voice: I have no amplification and it can get quite tough on the voice singing in open spaces like these, above a cajon, a tambourine and a guitar ;-)

So anyways I would recommend busking in Liege, in either one of the main walking shopping streets. Once again I didn't enquire about a permit or anything but it was ok, I didn't meet any police or anything and had no complaints from local shops, so that' s good!

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  1. Hi Julie! I'm going to do some busking in Germany, Belgium and France soon so I'm trying to prepare by looking for it I need permission in the different places. Thank you for your nice post! Probably I will pass by Liege and make a small stop there. Here is the link to the blog me and my friend just started It's in swedish but you can always translate it! :) Kind regards Kajsa